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In the timeless Liotrivi Estate we organize receptions and unique private and corporate events as well as small conferences, tailored to your particular needs. The unparalleled outdoor setting combined with the Olive Oil Museum and the other spectacular indoor areas of the mansion create the perfect atmosphere which, with the care and services provided by our experienced staff, ensures the success of any event.

The singularity of the venue adds value to a memorable event.
The success of events and small conferences is guaranteed with Liotrivi Boutique Hotel.

Liotrivi Estate Wedding Events

Liotrivi Estate

Customized wedding receptions, tailor made to fit the guest’s requirements, both regarding the Menu and the overall character of the reception.
Liotrivi Estate Personal Events

Liotrivi Estate

We undertake the organization of private events of any kind, adapted to the requirements of every occasion.
Liotrivi Estate Business Events

Liotrivi Estate

Small conferences, of up to 40 people, assume a special character in our historic premises with parallel activities both for the delegates and their accompanying guests.

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