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Nutritious handmade products characterized by the authentic Greek flavors of Monemvasia based on the pure and tasty ingredients of Laconia and on traditional recipes. A combination of crops and traditional gastronomy, made with passion and a sense of responsibility. Produced in controlled quantities.

Liotrivi Olives & Olive Oil Products

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OLIVES: Robust, mature olives cultivated in our estate and harvested by hand directly from the tree. Made with particular care only with water and natural salt from the sea of Monemvasia. Once they mature in brine they are kept and packaged in pure virgin olive oil, to retain their rich authentic taste until they are consumed. They are available in three varieties: Athinoelia, Kalamata and Damaskinoelia.

OLIVE OIL: Made from the local renowned olives of Laconia grown in Liotrivi Estate with all the methods and practices of mild cultivation. Their crop is picked manually according to the traditional method of harvesting, and it is processed in conditions of cold pressing (below 200) to preserve its beneficial dietary features (acidity >0,2). Olive oil products are available to purchase in all the different varieties that we cultivate including: Athinoelia, Koroneiki, Myrtolia, a mixture of all the above, as well as organic.
Liotrivi Wines

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The tradition of the high quality, luscious wines of Monemvasia is evident in Liotrivi Estate. Local varieties grown in the sunny vineyards of Liotrivi Estate bring out the strong aromas, the clear colors and the right tastes and produce various kinds of extraordinary wines. White, fresh and cool. Dry or medium–sweet from sun dried grapes, and aged dry red. All are products of traditional winemaking.
Liotrivi Marmalades, Suites, Molasses, Honey

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MARMALADES: Fresh aromatic fruits from our estate are cooked using traditional recipes without the addition of sugar (or with very little sugar in some fruits) and without any other preservative or additive. They are always fresh and available in a variety of flavors (apple, orange, tangerine, plum, fig, peach, kumquat, quince, grape, and apricot).
SWEETS: Spoon sweets made with fresh fruit and according to traditional recipes without any preservatives or additives. Delicious products of Greek tradition.
MOLASSES: The well known substance that was used in Ancient Greece to sweeten drinks and make sweets. Natural sweetening syrup made by boiling the must of fresh red grapes (before the winemaking). The thick syrup is used as a substitute to sugar and is poured over sweets, ice cream, cakes, yoghurt. You can also add it to sauces and salads and by adding vinegar you can have tasty balsamic vinegar.
HONEY: 100% pure honey from the wild nature of Monemvasia. Without any addition or processing it is picked by local beekeepers from the mountains of Parnonas. It is available in three varieties: wild flowers, four seasons and thyme.
Liotrivi Handmade Beauty Products

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SOAP: Soap made with top quality pure virgin olive oil and natural essential oils of herbs and fruits. They mature in natural conditions and are available in various fragrances: Lemon, orange, pomegranate, lavender, ...
Liotrivi Herbs

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HERBS: Picked from the mountains around Monemvasia early in summer, the herbs are cleaned, dried, crushed and packaged by hand so that they retain their aroma and beneficial properties until consumption.

SALT: The flower of pure sea salt is picked by hand from the small, natural salt pans (pits) of the rocks of Monemvasia. Once washed and dried under the sun it is packaged without any processing after it is enriched with herbs from the gardens of Liotrivi Boutique.

VINEGAR & BALSAMIC VINEGAR: 100% vinegar produced from fresh grapes, and balsamic vinegar, made in a completely natural way without any preservatives or additives, and which has a delicate taste.
Liotrivi Other Products

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LIOTRIVI BREAKFAST: A delicious breakfast spread prepared with wholesome vegetables that we grow in our estate (peppers, eggplants, carrots and extra virgin olive oil). It is rich in vitamins and has a pleasant, fresh taste, without any preservatives or additives. Start your day with nature on your plate and the care of the people of Liotrivi Boutique.

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