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It is our specialty to organize unparalleled activities that stems from our effort to highlight the tradition of our place.
Since 2010, we successfully organize activities such as Cycling, Picnic, Olive Harvesting, Trekking-Jogging-Walking and Wine Making.

Liotrivi Cycling Activity

Liotrivi Boutique

With organized tours off road through the olive groves and vineyards of Monemvasia and routes at the foot of the mountain, we make cycling an unforgettable experience at Liotrivi Boutique.
Liotrivi Picnic

Liotrivi Boutique

Live the experience of a picnic under the shade of the century old olive trees of the Estate. Discover beauty through simplicity and have some quality family time in nature while you enjoy authentic flavors of local products.
Liotrivi Olive Harvesting

Liotrivi Boutique

This exciting activity-experience is for us a challenge that is carefully organized. Liotrivi Estate is the ideal place for you to enjoy this since the good weather conditions, the production in the estate and our considerable experience guarantee its success.
Available from November 15th to January 15th.
Liotrivi Trekking-Jogging-Walking Activities

Liotrivi Boutique

Beautiful routes in our estate and around it are waiting for you to explore. Paths that are ideal for walking and trekking, through lush olive groves and vineyards as well as wild nature filled with countless flowers and plants, are at your disposal.
Liotrivi Wine Making

Liotrivi Boutique

There is a tradition in the estate that goes back to the Byzantine times. Everybody gathers at the vineyards in September to harvest the ripe grapes, lay them in the sun and squeeze them in order to make the world famous wines of Monemvasia. Come and join us to continue the tradition and become a member of the living history of Liotrivi Estate.

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