As early as 1200, in the region of Epidavros-Limira, wealthy landowners started building in their large estates mansions and wineries and produced the exceptional wine of Malvazia.
The story of Liotrivi Boutique starts in such a mansion...
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Stone wheels that traveled from Milos, cast iron presses made in Piraeus. Wooden tools made of wild yew from Parnon and other smaller handmade tools and devices found for the first time together in this area in 1926 to form integral parts of a model oil mill which, by the method of cold pressing, produced for many years extra virgin olive oil.

Today, about 100 years later, is still there well maintained and ready to operate again, impressing visitors with its functional simplicity and intelligent use.

Liakoto & Library

After the Greek Revolution the Liotrivi Mansion passed to the well known Ritsos family of Monemvasia (the family of the poet Yiannis Ritsos).
The estate was cultivated by the family and at the time of Eleftherios Ritsos (the father of the poet) it was used as a summer house by the family as it is mentioned in the book by Loula Ritsou-Glezou...
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