Experience Monemvasia in December

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Experience Monemvasia in December with ideal weather for discovering the unspoiled countryside while at the same time keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Messinian nature offer hiking and biking routes with various natural beauties with breathtaking views and many challenging climbs for all levels of ability.

We are offering (but not limited) the following activities:

Hiking Experiences

If you are new to hiking on well-paved roads is a great way to regain or improve your fitness level while enjoying a marvelous holiday in a diverse natural landscape. The trips are tailored for both casual fitness and non persons. Conquer high mountains, glide through rolling countryside. Liotrivi outdoors guides have years of experience in road cycling and a passion for the sport.

Trekking Experiences

Free your mind and exercise your body by cycling in the natural wonderland around Liotrivi Boutique Hotel, where you will discover not only the verdant rolling hills and rugged mountains of Messinia but also the local history and sites. The tour guide will lead you along hidden paths to quaint villages of traditional stone houses, set in a magnificent winter landscape.

Bike Trekking Experiences

There are plenty of additional riding or hiking options available, as well as bike trekking tours for those who prefer to take it easy. Directly along the coast from Liotrivi, a short bike ride will bring you to the breathtaking landscape of Monemvasia.

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